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Aid Station Volunteer Instructions

Please be prepared to have your table completely set up with water, hydration (Gatorade), and/or supplements no later than 20 minutes prior to the anticipated time of the first athletes arriving at your stations (some will be ahead of their pace, so we want to be overly prepared). This will require you and your team to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your athletes arrival to ensure proper preparation.

Aid stations are essential to a participant's ability to finish a race, be it either a marathon or half marathon; be knowledgeable beforehand of the exact location of your aid station (prior to race day you will see sprayed chalk markings on the roadside; on race day, mile marker flags/A-frames will be placed along the course just prior to the start). Limit your vehicles (to be parked so that they do not hinder the athletes flow through your aid station or cause other safety issues) and PLEASE CARPOOL.

Water & Gatorade will be at aid stations: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.
  • At least two volunteers are needed to mix up the hydration (Gatorade) in the 5 gallon container and keep cups with water and hydration ready at all times. Cups should be filled about ¾ full.  Remember to use the small container provided to mix the highly concentrated Gatorade "slurry" in small batches (at least 2-3 per packet) to add to your start of water. Shake the small container vigorously for 2-3 minutes to ensure that the powder completely dissolves for each batch until at least ¾ of the Gatorade packet is used.

  • Have 1-2 persons out a little ways (no more than 5 yards from the table) TELLING your athlete what product YOU HAVE IN HAND (you don't want them to dump sticky Gatorade on themselves!)  Water & hydration will be handed to athletes as they pass your aid station. Please walk or jog with the product in hand as your athlete comes by - seamlessly handing it off to them.

  • Other Duties: HAVE FUN & BE SAFE! Clean up area of any debris during &/or after all runners & walkers are through your station. Trash bags are provided by Smith Rock Race Group. Tie bag closed and set beside the road at your station for pickup by SRRG staff. Please bring your own tables, as we have a limited amount in our inventory right now. Leave the 5 gallon jugs (marked SRRG) and any other leftovers provided by Smith Rock Race Group under the tables.

  • Christopher of Smith Rock Race Group will inform you when the last athlete comes through and then you can break down your station.

  • Report back to Start/Finish Line that you have closed the aid station and area is clean. Call Christopher at: 541-954-5386



Bring sun glasses &/or visors, snacks and your own hydration, &/or lawn chairs (Note: aid stations on the half marathon courses are guaranteed to be available for up to 3.5 hours).
Themed decorations are highly encouraged! Please have your table banner hung facing the runners/walkers.

   THANK YOU for your service!